Artstation / Sketchfab

From Game Animations to Short films, I have been working on improving my skills to convey the right message to the viewer. Animations bring art to life and I want everyone of my projects to be full of life.

Bringing life to 3D Models

My enthusiasm for creating 3D animations started as a curiosity for VFX in movies. I wanted to see how these are created and started making fluid simulations in Blender. Later, this lead me to create animations for 3D assets and characters.

At the same time, my computer animation minor pushed me to create shortfilms using Maya. Depending on the project I usually try to prepare the 3D models I created with rigs and I use some images as references to create the most believable animations I could make.

Award Winning Animation

My 3D Spooky House Animation was awarded by the student juried show at WKU during Fall 2021. If you would like to see what my animation looks like you can click this link.
And if you would like to see how I made it, check the video below