3D Modelling

From 2D concepts to a 3D dimensional world

Creating Digital Art

I have created a lot of textured 3D models. Some of them were created for other people who wanted my help. But most of them were created to be part of my other projects. I like to improve my artistic skills so every time I try to change something in my workflow or learn something new. Recently, I have been trying to work on my skills for character design,

The image above is a 3D character that I made as a personal project. I designed the concept of the character for one of my classes. Then, I used Blender to sculpt the main parts of my character. After that, I used Marvelous Designer for his clothes and imported an animated version of my character for the cloth simulation. Finally, I used Substance Painter for the skin and cloth textures.

Software I use

The programs I use for my workflow are:

  • Blender for 3D Modelling, Sculpting, UV mapping and Rendering
  • Maya to create rigs and animations.
  • Marvelous Designer for cloth simulations that could be used as models or animations
  • Substance Painter to apply textures to objects and also for quick renderings